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We offer video production services as per your needs.
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Live Action Videos

Its a great way to showcasing yourself, your team or your customers by putting a face to your brand. Its a powerful medium for sales, marketing , teaching and training

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2D Animated Videos
Through 2D we create stories that not only captures attention but also develop a lasting and emotional connect with your audience, which eventually increases your business
Graphic designing
Our team of professionals create visual content which can communicate brand message to its customer through our high quality design
Product Photography
We are specialise in creating high quality images which can capture your audience attention on your website and social media platforms

Who do we work with?

Committed to giving services to following industries

  1. Education
  2. Human Resource
  3. Healthcare
  4. IT and SAAS
  5. FMCG
  6. Manufacturing

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Who do we work with?

Committed to giving services to following industries


Human Resource





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Our process

Wrig follows a smooth and streamline end to end process by planning the strategy as per your business needs and preferences.

From creative ideas, script writing, planning, execution to final distribution we take care of everything and make our customer feel relaxed and free to focus on their other business needs. We work on making the technical video production process smooth and hassle free.
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wrig video production faq
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We offer flexible and comprehensive online marketing plans andstrategies so you can take advantageour.

At our B2B Video Production Company, we take pride in being your in-house video production and creative partner. We understand the unique needs of your business, and our goal is to collaborate closely with you to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you require a web commercial, explainer video, corporate media communications, client testimonial, demo video, or product video, we’ve got you covered. Our team is experienced in crafting engaging content that successfully connects with your target audience and helps you achieve your specific goals.

What sets us apart is our well-defined and seamless processes. We have streamlined our workflow to save you the hassle of planning and creating videos from scratch. From initial concept development to final production, we handle every step of the process with precision and efficiency. This allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of bringing your video vision to life.

Rest assured, with our B2B Video Production Company as your trusted partner, you can expect professional expertise, outstanding creativity, and a commitment to delivering high-quality videos that exceed your expectations. Let us handle your video production needs while you enjoy the benefits of a reliable and collaborative partnership.

Factors such as the duration of the video, desired style, additional effects, and project deadlines can influence the cost. A longer video with complex animations and special effects may require more resources and time, which can affect the overall price.

To give you an idea, our price range typically falls within a certain bracket. However, it’s important to note that each project is unique, and we offer customised quotes based on your specific requirements.

We request you to reach out to us to discuss your video production needs in detail. By understanding your objectives and project scope, we can provide you with a personalised quote that aligns with your budget while ensuring the highest quality output. Feel free to contact us, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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We have classified our services into 4 types: Live action video, 2D animation video, Graphic design and Product Photography.

Whether you require a web commercial, explainer video, corporate media communications, client testimonial, demo video, or product video, we’ve got you covered

We can do script writing, strategic crafting and voice overs and mimic all the video content to make it best for you.

We work hard to provide the best possible video production services which can help you build a brand image and bring results.

Our Services

We design and craft videos as per our client needs. Whether your aim is customer acquisition, engagement or retention we can plan our video production process strategically to streamline with your requirements.

You can book a quick strategy call with us today to discuss what kind of videos might be required for your business growth.

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Our answer is a big Yes! We create videos, craft and style them which is according to your plans and strategy. We can come up with new ideas and content which can make your videos work wonders on various platforms.

Book a call with our Video strategy team.

You can book a quick strategy call with us today to discuss what kind of videos might be required for your business growth.

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We need a few details along with your trust on us.

  1. Clear and concise description of the project goals and what you want to achieve from the video.
  2. Your target audience and channels you will be using for promotion.
  3. A timeline you have set for the project.
  4. Your budget range.
  5. Scope of video production service you are looking for in case of multiple videos.

Our usual Project lead time is 25-45 Days, that being said we have an ultra quick process ready in which we have delivered videos in less than 10 Days also.

The time required for the process usually is changed by different factors like locations to be shot, type of story, etc.

We follow a streamline process to ensure speedy and result orientated Video content gets available to you.

  1. Conceptualisation
  2. Storytelling
  3. Production.
  4. Feedback & Changes
  5. Final Delivery
  1. GIVE US a call
  2. Send us email at sales@wrigproductions.com
  3. Fill up the contact form
  4. DM us on our social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook….)
  5. And Schedule a quick call to communicate the business requirements and expectations, and we will guide you further throughout the Video Production Process.
  1. We accept Bank Transfers NEFT, RTGS, UPI, Cheques.
  2. We accept Indian domestic wire transfers, international wire transfers, credit cards, and cheques.
  3. We require an upfront payment of 50% to begin production.
  4. Once everything is finished and you are happy with your video, we’ll request the remainder of the payment before delivering the final product.

Incorporating customised, amazing videos into your digital marketing strategy can have a significant positive impact. Videos have a unique ability to introduce your business and products to customers effectively, capturing their attention within seconds. This, in turn, can drive awareness, increase views, attract visitors, and ultimately lead to higher conversions in the areas of your online presence where they are needed the most.

While one marketing video can certainly make a difference, it raises the question: why settle for just one? Different videos can address distinct marketing goals, allowing you to target specific aspects of your business or product offerings. By utilising multiple videos, you can enhance and direct the effectiveness of your overall marketing approach.

Seen enough? Glad to hear it! Go to our video contact’s page now and let us work on that fantastic marketing video your company’s been looking for!

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Got questions? Our team is here to help with insights on process & planning of your next project. Book a time to chat.


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