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Video Production

Video marketing is a great way to reach your audience, increase sales, and build your brand. We’ve created videos for businesses of all sizes, including corporate companies.

Our aim is to create a imaginary bridge between High-End Film production and the business requirements of our clients.

Whether you’re looking to market your company, sell a product, or simply elevate your sales team’s knowledge of their customers, video marketing is the way to go.

Our Video Production services will help you create high-quality videos tailored to your needs and audience, to use them as part of an email marketing campaign.


Our Process

We’re making it easy for you to get started with video marketing. Our team of experts will work with you to create an original script that speaks directly to your audience, then coach you through every step of the process from production to upload—so that you can sit back and relax while we do all of the hard work for you.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve carefully designed our Video Production Process which results in High quality videos in less project lead time.

1. Pre-Production Process

You can get in touch to discuss your video production or query requirements. Once we’ve established what you’re looking for, we’ll come up with a plan together

2. Production Process

Production include a lot of logistics for even for one day of shoot. We create a fool-proof plan to execute every scene successfully to ensure perfect outputs for the video. We prepare the setups, lights, microphones, cameras, supports, props, teams, and everything else is in place for the Video Shoot at the respective date. We also record voice-overs, if needed, and extra footage to support your story.

3. Post Production Process

Our Post Production process starts as soon as the production process ends, Raw files shortlisting, Editing, Color Grading, Sound, etc. is done at this step. We’ve prepare a First draft which we call as Alpha Video to show you a rough draft. We provide you with 3 iterations in the video and Then provide you with a Final Output. 

4. Final Video Delivery

The Wrig Production Video output is ready to use Video for your business. All our videos come with a World-wide usage license for a negotiated usage time. We also provide you files in lower file size so that you can easily share it online. Without the  need to processing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve streamlined the entire production process to ensure quality is high:

Creative briefing and onboarding: once you select your preferred engagement and content style, we provide you with a creative brief to collect your product value propositions, in addition to your existing brand guidelines and logo files.

Pre production: then we’ll develop a concept, script, and dedicate the best talent. Each stage of the process requires your sign-off so you’re always satisfied with the outcome.

Production: for animation, we’ll then illustrate out the entire storyboard before heading into motion. For live-action, we’ll be filming on set in our own studio, or on a location that matches your brief.

Post production: you’ll have a video editor or motion graphics expert, that will handle all the video editing from start to finish.

Delivery: once video editing is completed, all the media files will be made available for download following your final sign-off.

It’s typical for video production companies to only produce live-action or animation — at Wrig, we have expert teams that work together to provide both. We go beyond corporate video production, and provide a 360-degree content offering that includes testimonial videos, social campaigns — all the way through to national TVC campaigns for brands you know and love.

Our team has more than 200+ years of experience in live-action and animated video. All whilst having a high-quality-first approach that’s cost effective for our clients.

We’re here to provide you with the best possible video production services so that you can create your perfect campaign for your brand or business.

This typically depends on one of three goals: Sales, Marketing or Training. From there, we’ll match your goal to potential content categories and styles that will match your business strategy. We also consider audience and distribution channels (TV, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin). Our Video Production Strategies are the key to why our clients love working with us.

Our usual production cycle requires three weeks, plus however long it takes to integrate clients’ feedback and changes into the piece.

Most projects take between eight to nine weeks from the beginning to the final product delivery when it’s all said and done. A relatively reasonable timeframe when you consider the amount of work that goes into each of our videos. Putting together a high-quality, fully customized, compelling marketing video is no easy task!

Experts from different areas work on every project our professional video company undertakes. A director, scriptwriter, illustrators, animators, voice-over talent… the list goes on.

You might ask yourself: Does it really take that many people to make a single video? Well, the answer is yes! Yes, it does! That’s what it takes to put together a fantastic video that elevates your brand and sets your message apart from the rest!

Ready to get your video started? Get in touch with us right now, and let’s discuss how this process would look specifically for you! Our video production company is here to help you succeed.

We love Startups!

We work on deep strategies for video productions with companies which will drive your business Operations be it Sales, Marketing, Training. We got it all covered for you. That too in your Budget.

If you’re at the doing research on how Videos can drive your business, that’s completely ok — you can still get in touch with us!

If you’re ready to proceed with a video project, we highly recommend including the following in your brief:

1. A clear and concise description of the project goals, and what you’d like your video to achieve.
2. A detailed description of the target audience, and the channels that you’re looking for the video to be distributed across.
3. A list of specific deliverables that are required, including cut-downs, ratios or localizations.
4. A timeline for the project.
5. Your ideal budget range.
6. If you’re after multiple videos, the scope of video production services you’re looking for.

The best corporate videos will also start with good references. If you have a video style or example that you like, please include it in your brief. If you need help choosing a style, you can use our portfolio search tool.